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3D PrintView – Get in touch with your print network

Check out this UK company 3D Print View

3D Print View – Features

Fed up of your printers demanding too much of your time? 3D PrintView has the solution…

Print Visibility

  • Get an instant view of your print network.
  • Supports all major manufacturers and models.
  • See exactly how much your organisations printing and copying is costing.
  • Check how environmentally friendly your print strategy is.
  • Recieve suggestions on how to lower costs and carbon usage.
  • Recieve alerts when devices error.
  • Receive alerts when devices get old or start performing badly.
  • Generate cost and usage reports.
  • And much, much more…

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Equitrac: A new version of its Equitrac Express


New Features and Functionality Help Organizations Reduce Document Costs,
Increase Document Security and Eliminate Waste

PLANTATION, FL – AUG 23, 2010 – Equitrac, a global provider of intelligent
print management and cost recovery software, today announced the
availability of Equitrac Express(r) and Equitrac Office(r) version 4.2. With
this update, Equitrac strengthens its solution for education providers and
commercial enterprises, such as financial services and healthcare
organizations, who are looking to reduce document costs, increase document
security, and eliminate waste through print management.

“The new version expands the tracking, security and management
functionality of Equitrac Office,” said Gaetan Spake, vice president of
product management, Equitrac Corporation. “The new features also provide
more precise tracking and reporting of print activity so that customers can
get the most out of Equitrac’s print management solutions.”

New features enhance both the end-user’s and the IT administrator’s
experiences with Equitrac products:

Printing and Print Tracking
* Print Job re-queuing protects privacy, reduces waste and saves money by
ensuring that jobs will only print while a user is signed into Equitrac.
Thus, if a user releases multiple print jobs but they do not print due to a
printer problem, the unprinted jobs are sent back to the secure queue when
the user logs out. This avoids jobs being printed once the error clears but
the user is no longer at the MFP.
* Batch print tracking streamlines workflows by enabling users to batch
print a series of jobs and only be prompted for a billing code once.
* Equitrac’s Follow-You Printing(r) now displays and releases print jobs
held by an LRS (Levi, Ray and Shoup) VPSX PersonalQ print queue. Integration
with LRS VPSX provides enterprise-wide, non-Windows print tracking,
expanding the reach of Equitrac print management solutions in markets such
as healthcare and financial services that print from UNIX-based and
mainframe applications.

User and Device Reporting
* Equitrac has extended its reporting capabilities with reports based on
user location, device location and custom device group. Users can now run
both detailed and summary reports that can be organized by user, user
location, account type, device type, device location, and/or custom group.
Administrators can group their devices by any criteria they choose and
report activity accordingly.

Integration and Management
* New features simplify and enhance account synchronization with Active
Directory and LDAP, including filtering, connection testing and flexible
account type support.
* New server components and updates can be deployed across the enterprise
without administrator intervention.
* Flexible configurations, improved tracking and costing, more efficient
workflows, and increased billing capabilities are now available for
additional embedded devices, including:
o Ricoh PCC4 Single Sign-On for EFI SendMe and IKON DocSend
o Kyocera Mita “release all” button
o Billing code fields and copy page size features for Konica Minolta and
Océ devices
o Access to color copying can now be controlled by Windows group membership
for Konica Minolta, Xerox, Kyocera Mita, Oce and Sharp devices

Specific to Equitrac Express, new features for education organizations
* Offline campus card authentication keeps campuses working even when their
campus card server is offline for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.
Equitrac’s campus card caching permits users to continue to charge printing
and copying to their campus card accounts up to a pre-set offline limit.
Those offline charges are updated once the campus card server is back on
* Administrators can now assign user balances and color quotas by Windows
group, such as grade level or school
* Integration with ParentPay allows Equitrac to accept student campus card
balances managed by ParentPay.
* Sagio value card users can now login to devices secured by an Equitrac
end point and pay for the transaction either from the value card or an
Equitrac account.

Equitrac Office or Equitrac Express users currently under a maintenance
contract are eligible to upgrade at no cost. For more information on
Equitrac Office or Equitrac Express, email

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MPS: Just one piece of the puzzle

Managed Print Services is just one piece of the services puzzle that companies are looking for when it comes to not only printer and copier technology, but all technology in their environments. 

Here is what HP is offering:  HP Multivendor Support Services

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MPS News: “Toshiba Partners With Preo to Offer Customers Even Greater Print Management Tools”


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Print Management Solutions: FM Audit & PrintFleet

              Managed Print Services is a great program for every business, but a lot of sales reps don’t know how to sell it.  They try to sell it like they sell copiers and that is NOT how you sell MPS.  MPS is not about the equipment, it is about the knowledge you are going to give your client and the headaches you are going to take away for your client.  The knowledge starts with the monitoring software aka DCA (data collection agent).  There are a wealth of print management solutions on the market with the leading third-party names encompassing FMAudit, Print Audit, and PrintFleet.   Add to that a handful of smaller providers as well as solutions like Xerox’s Page Pack, HP’s WebJet Admin, and Toshiba’s Encompass.  I have had experience with all of them, but it comes collecting data, two stand out. 

            I prefer FM Audit and PrintFleet.  Both are very easy to load, but FM Audit does a better job at monitoring and they have a great solution for picking up location devices.  PrintFleet says they will have a better solution for picking up rabbit devices in about a month.  When it comes to reporting,  PrintFleet definitely has better reporting.  There are so many more reports you can customize with Printfleet and really give your customer what they want.   Both solutions have the USB keys and they are both good, but real MPS sellers can get the software loaded server onto the a prospective client before he or she starts an assessment demonstrates they come from true MPS company.  Both of these solutions have great software and I would recommend to any MPS dealer. 

            If you are an IT director of a company, I would definitely recommend either DCA for your network because they are both safe and reliable.  Also, if you have an MPS company doing an assessment for your company allow them to load the software because it will allow them to demonstrate real information to you.  The USB keys only illustrate a little knowledge of what these DCA can really do.  To learn more about these two companies and what else they have offer, check out their websites below.
 Home PrintFleet Logo



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