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Standard Register: Enterprise Print Management

Standard Register has many solutions for business and one happens to be Enterprise Print Management.  I could write all about what Standard Register offers, but instead check out their website and some of their Insights.  They have excellent Managed Print Services information on their website.  Below is a link to a great article about the Desktop Printing and the Myth that many people think, it’s free.  Enjoy.

Enterprise Document Management Part 2: Desktop Printing Outlook: Ulitization Up, Costs Out of Control


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PrintCare: Southern California’s leading provider of print solutions

Every couple of weeks I enjoy looking at different MPS provider’s websites to see how they are marketing their brand and offerings.  Today, I took a look at PrintCare – Managed Print Solutions, which is located in Southern California.  PrintCare is the MPS solution for image Source, an authorized Sales Agent & Dealer for Xerox. 

Things I like about their website:

1.  Even though image Source is a Xerox Sales Agent, they illustrate clearly that their MPS solution, PrintCare is a solution for everyone regardless of printer makes or models.  This is key, many businesses like certain hardware and as a great MPS providers make and model should not matter.

2.  I like that they have a name for their Managed Print Service Solution.  PrintCare is a good name and this a good marketing technique.  This is a great way to make your MPS solution standout.

Check out their site to see what MPS solutions are being offered in Southern California.


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Great Article about printers and how printers are a HUGE part of the IT Budget!!!

Out of Ink, Out of Luck, Why Printers Get No Respect – By: Isaac Arnsdorf




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MPS Process: Define- Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control

Here is a great a presentation on Managed Print Services.  I could not have said it better, which is why I am just going to give you the link.  Enjoy.

A Successful Managed Print Services Strategy – By: Larry Levine of Document Systems

Check out Document Systems




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MPS: Document Express UK


In 2008 Document Express was appointed as UK’s First Channel Managed Print Service Provider and they have never looked back.  Here is a link to a great piece about Managed Print Services for Mid-size business.  I have talked about their website in earlier posts about marketing, but I recommend checking out this both links below if you want to learn more about MPS.

Document Express – Managed Print Services for Mid-size Organisations

Document Express UK – Official Website



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Lexmark: Managed Print Services

Lexmark Managed Print Services is built on:

1.  “Minimize cost per page”

2.  “Improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction”

3.  “Make the right decisions for your business in the future”

Check out their website and offerings  Lexmark Managed Print Services

Also, check out this article in the Lexington Herald-Leader about Lexmark’s recent purchase of Perceptive Software, which Lexmark feels will be a game changer in the Managed Print Services sector.



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MPS: Value Proposition

    After reading comments and feedback from others I was really stuck on the what Nigel Hancock wrote: “In my travels I find that every business I talk to are aware of the “printing is costing more than you think” message and most are aware of their costs – if not to three decimal places then at least enough to understand that it could be an issue worth fixing.”  Nigel makes a great point and it very true, which why I think value propositions are the key to your MPS program.  I feel like most MPS providers who target the Small & Medium Business sector are creating their value propositions from what they hear from HP and Xerox.  So I decided for this post to look back at how you create a great value proposition.

What does a value proposition mean?

 What do we do with a value proposition?

 What does the customer want with the value proposition?

Before a MPS providers pitches their value propositions to their customers, I think they need to ask themselves a couple questions……….

1.  What does the customer value?

2.  What are your Managed Print Services value items?  

3.    What can your Managed Print Services program deliver?

4.    What value does your Managed Print Services program hold?



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Xerox: Want to Save Money??? Try MPS

After exploring Slideshare, I thought why not explore YouTube to see what videos people have posted about Managed Print Services.  There are some great videos and I recommend searching MPS on YouTube, but the one that I really enjoyed was Xerox’s video on how MPS can save companies more money.

Xerox: “Did You Know? There is still an area of your business where you can save money.”




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Managed Print Services Presentations

A great website to learn about what other companies are presenting is SLIDESHARE

On Slideshare, here are some Managed Print Services Slide Presentations:

Building a Managed Print Services Program – Presented By: Ian Crockett

Canon India – Managed Print Services  – Presented By: Alok Bhardwaj

Printelligence – Presented By: Preo

Managed Print Services Within Our Industry – Presented By: Fred Berger

Print4 Managed Print Programs

The Importance of a Managed Print Strategy – Presented By: Simile Imaging Solutions



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MPS: MPS Website Marketing Part II

MPS Website Marketing the World

         A couple posts ago I wrote about Managed Print Services marketing and I got a lot feedback from readers that they enjoyed the post, so I decided to see how MPS providers are marketing their services in the United Kingdom and Australia.  I picked 2 random MPS providers from the United Kingdom and 2 from Australia and checked their websites to see how they market their services.


SmartPrint Good Corporate Video about their strength Fleet Management.   This a MPS provider located in Australia and I really enjoyed their tab “why SmartPrint.”  In this tab, SmartPrint talks about the 12 reason why they should be your MPS providers.  They use key words and phrases like “buying power,” “cost reduction,” “automate,” “multi-vendor environment,” “one easy invoice,” “reporting & expertise,” and “better, onsite service.”  These are key components to MPS and SmartPrint demonstrates this well on their website.

UPSTREAM Very interactive website without a lot of good information about MPS.  I really enjoyed “customer” tab.  They have over 3,500 clients and are not shy about expressing their success with over 3.5 million pages under management.  They do a great job of demonstrating references, as well as what they index and measure under the “resources” tab.

United Kingdom:

Document ExpressThis MPS Xerox provider located in the UK that has a nice section about their services.  In the services section has nice explanations about their “SLAs,” “Reporting,” “MPS Helpdesk,” “Remote Support,” and “How do I…”  Also, the do a nice job with case studies about their customers.

NewField IT“Optimizing paper-related assets” Located in the UK and the USA, NewField IT is an independent software and services company that helps companies reduce their document and print management costs.  Their “Print Assessments” tab is excellent. Read their brochure, it is great and talks about their process and why they are different.  One part of their process that I really enjoyed was their do face to face interviews with end users. This is a great way to understand the print and document environment.  They are an unbiased and vendor independent, which a great selling point to customers. 

Every MPS provider has different way to demonstrate their offerings, but if you look at these 4 different providers and see how people are pitching MPS services



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