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MPS: Conducting 2nd Analysis

After reviewing your information and numbers from the 1st analysis and defining a MPS solution on certain pain points, it is time complete the 2nd analysis and strengthen the MPS solution you believe might be right for the customer.

The 2nd analysis provides great opportunity to build relationships with the customer that will help you win the MPS deal, make sure you conduct additional interviews and validate the pain points thru user experiences.

Here are some key steps that need to done to have a successful 2nd analysis:

1.  Take configurations pages on all devices. (printers, copiers, faxes)

2.  Confirm inventory of all devices and make sure you know which ones are leased and which ones are owned.

3.  Gather additional information that will validate your MPS solution that you came up with during your pre-strategy meeting (see last blog post).

4.  Interview, Interview, Interview – Customers define VALUE.


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MPSA and Newfield IT – Webinar 8/25/10 11am need to become member to register

Join the MPSA and Newfield ITTo learn more about the Good… the Bad… and the Ugly… In performing Assessments in Managed Print Services.

During this free webinar you will hear the expert advice of someone who has done over 110 assessments, works as an independent body within the industry, and has invested heavily in developing products to automate the assessment process. Learn where the pitfalls are in the process and what’s fact vs. fiction?

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MPS Tip of the Day

Managed Print Services is about productivity improvements whether a company is looking to downsize or expand and it is important for MPS rep to have business cases developed to demonstrate productivity savings.  Some MPS reps are have spoken to say they are uncomfortable with illustrating productivity savings, but C-level executives love they type of data.  Remember productivity improvements are identified by work that can be eliminated. 

Here is a quick example of how to show productivity gains:

  If the MPS consultant finds that a company can increase productivity by 25%, this DOESN”T MEAN that 25% of the staff at that company is not needed.  It means the company’s staff will be able to do 25% more USEFUL work.  But remember productivity is only one small part of a staff member’s work.

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Tips for a MPS REP

Selling MPS is different than selling a piece of hardware because as MPS consultant you need to focus on the process and services, not the product.  Explaining features will come during training, not during the sales process, when selling MPS.  

Below are some tips to keep a MPS consultant from crossing into a hardware sell:

 1.  When selling MPS, your main goal is to create “Value adds” for your customer and their business.  “Value adds” are not done thru features; it is done thru service and process.

2.  Before you can demonstrate a solution, you must understand their pain points, or needs.  Trying to fit your solution to a customer without understanding their pain points demonstrates a typical copier sales rep.  DON’T begin recommendations or building solutions until pain points are clearly defined.  Pain points you want to understand are  about the process of dealing with multiple vendors, service techs, bills, etc.

3.  Companies want facts, data, and proof.  You need to illustrate a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) before you can create value.  Customers are the ones that will define value, but in order to them to define value, you need to create a baseline for them.

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MPS Tip of the Day: Assessment Paralysis

Assessment paralysis is defined as over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation, so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.  Too many times, MPS deals never make it out of the assessment stage because MPS consultants don’t understand their audience and get caught up in details.   MPS consultants must understand who their audience is and know that an assessment is essential to the MPS process, but a drawn out assessment can paralyze the MPS process.  When selling solution or technology, details can slow the process and during the assessment details can cause assessment paralysis. 

1.  Speak the right language and don’t get into technology jargon.

2.  Don’t allow yourself to get too detailed.

3.  Know your audience and who has the true pain points.

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Standard Register: Enterprise Print Management

Standard Register has many solutions for business and one happens to be Enterprise Print Management.  I could write all about what Standard Register offers, but instead check out their website and some of their Insights.  They have excellent Managed Print Services information on their website.  Below is a link to a great article about the Desktop Printing and the Myth that many people think, it’s free.  Enjoy.

Enterprise Document Management Part 2: Desktop Printing Outlook: Ulitization Up, Costs Out of Control

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PrintCare: Southern California’s leading provider of print solutions

Every couple of weeks I enjoy looking at different MPS provider’s websites to see how they are marketing their brand and offerings.  Today, I took a look at PrintCare – Managed Print Solutions, which is located in Southern California.  PrintCare is the MPS solution for image Source, an authorized Sales Agent & Dealer for Xerox. 

Things I like about their website:

1.  Even though image Source is a Xerox Sales Agent, they illustrate clearly that their MPS solution, PrintCare is a solution for everyone regardless of printer makes or models.  This is key, many businesses like certain hardware and as a great MPS providers make and model should not matter.

2.  I like that they have a name for their Managed Print Service Solution.  PrintCare is a good name and this a good marketing technique.  This is a great way to make your MPS solution standout.

Check out their site to see what MPS solutions are being offered in Southern California.


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Great Article about printers and how printers are a HUGE part of the IT Budget!!!

Out of Ink, Out of Luck, Why Printers Get No Respect – By: Isaac Arnsdorf




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A Great Marketing piece from OKI DATA Printing Solutions:


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MPS: Document Express UK


In 2008 Document Express was appointed as UK’s First Channel Managed Print Service Provider and they have never looked back.  Here is a link to a great piece about Managed Print Services for Mid-size business.  I have talked about their website in earlier posts about marketing, but I recommend checking out this both links below if you want to learn more about MPS.

Document Express – Managed Print Services for Mid-size Organisations

Document Express UK – Official Website



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