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How can a C-Level Executive “Green” their Company when comes to Printing???

Here is a good article about how C-Level Executives can make their office green through Managed Print Services.

8 Green Office Tips that will Save Money on Printing & Imaging


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Top 10 Tips for Implementing Managed Print Services

Top 10 Tips for Implementing Managed Print Services

By Craig Le Clair

A couple weeks ago, Craig Le Clair of Forrester Research posted an excellent article on, highlighting 10 Tips for Implementing Managed Print Services.

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Where did MPS come from??

A good piece on the origin of MPS.


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C-Level Executive: How will my company benefit from MPS?

Many C-Level Executives are asking:  “how will my company benefit from your MPS solution?”

Here are some answers:

1.  It will improve workflow and productivity.

2.  It will eliminate investing MONEY in stocking materials.

3.  It will increase availability and uptime of all devices.

4.  It will eliminate IT from spending time on printer-related issues, allowing them to work on issues that require their true expertise.

5.  It will reduce help desk calls and down time with remote monitoring.

6.  It will allow for techs to have to right parts on demand for devices keeping productivity up.

7.  It will be designed around your core business and strategic goals.

Dear C-Level Executive:

Before you go out to purchase another printer or multi-functional device, make sure know what you currently have in your office and what it is costing to you operate.  Better information about your environment will allow you to make better decisions!

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Many people ask me how do explain to customers, what MPS consultant is….. 

I always tell customers that a MPS consultant operates much like a General Contractor.  To follow this analogy, a General Contractor assumes the overall responsibility for the building or remodeling of a home or building, yet they will retain the services of different sub-contractors, like a carpenter, an electrician, and a plumber to perform the installation of these particular parts of expertise.  The MPS consultant employs various vendors (sub-contractors), as well as different resources and practices to deliver a MPS solution that meet the customer’s corporate goals and strategies.

When people are building a home or doing a large remodel, the homeowner’s goal is to get the most return on their investment or the most bang for their buck.  The same goes for a company who looking for a MPS solution because companies are looking to cut overhead expenses without harming productivity.  The MPS consultant has the task like the General Contractor of meeting those two goals of boosting productivity without requiring a capital investment and containing costs without harming productivity. 

Remember not all General Contractors are the same, the same goes for MPS consultants!

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Managing the MPS Process

In order to sell a MPS solution, a MPS consultant must go thru the MPS process: the MPS pitch, the MPS assessment, the baseline cost, the agreement of cost, etc., etc…  Well, many times, the MPS process can be very long and take some detours and wrong turns because the MPS consultant it not managing the process and staying in the decision maker’s good graces.

1.      Demonstrate Passion and Make it Personal to help this customer.                      

As a MPS consultant you are busy, I know this, but you must demonstrate PASSION for your service and solution and demonstrate to the decision maker that you are giving 110% to this process.  Many MPS consultant act like they are selling a box, it is about a relationship.  SHOW PASSION from the start and never lose it throughout the whole MPS process.

2.  Define a follow-up schedule.

The main reason I tell MPS consultants to use a project charter because the frequency of updates and following a detailed scheduled demonstrates professionalism as well as that you are PASSIONATE about helping your customer.  A project charter is a working document and can change, I understand that, but if you a follow-up schedule in place it keeps the decision maker’s interested and focused so when it comes time to make a decision, they are ready and informed.

3.  Don’t assume anything or walk in with premade solution.

Don’t fall back on your MPS knowledge and what you do for other customers.  Make sure you are asking probing questions and carefully listening to your decision maker’s needs and frustrations.  Not knowing their needs and frustrations and trying to make your customer fit your MPS solution will derail the MPS process during any part of the process.

4.      Tackle the issues that have direct impact earlier.

When you are learning the needs and frustrations of your customer, there are going to be 200 issues that all seem critical, but you need to understand that only a few will have a large immediate impact.  Agree on immediate issues resolve those, but remember the secondary issues as things to focus on once the primary are resolved.  Again, this will demonstrate you are a go-getter and it will not make the MPS process longer than it already is.  Secondary issues can be resolved, once a MPS agreement is in place.  Resolving secondary issues help build trust and a strong consultant/customer relationship, but they can also slow the MPS process.

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Standard Register: Enterprise Print Management

Standard Register has many solutions for business and one happens to be Enterprise Print Management.  I could write all about what Standard Register offers, but instead check out their website and some of their Insights.  They have excellent Managed Print Services information on their website.  Below is a link to a great article about the Desktop Printing and the Myth that many people think, it’s free.  Enjoy.

Enterprise Document Management Part 2: Desktop Printing Outlook: Ulitization Up, Costs Out of Control

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MPS: Multiple Vendors, Multiple Bills, Multiple Purchase Orders

      When a MPS consultant is performing their assessment and delivering their solution, one cost that they don’t emphasize is the cost of working with multiple vendors, paying multiple bills, and producing multiple purchase orders.  MPS solutions are formed to alleviate the stress of paying multiple vendors, as well as managing multiple vendors.  When reviewing different MPS proposals and doing assessments with different MPS consultants, I have noticed they don’t look at the managing and paying multiple vendor process.  This a huge selling point for a MPS solution and needs to be demonstrated to the customer over and over.  MPS consultants preach it in their sales pitch, but never demonstrate as a RIO or as part of the close. 

Here are things MPS consultants want to demonstrate to their customers:

 1.   Industry studies indicate documents claim 20-40% of total labor costs and between 3% of company revenues…

2.  Industry studies indicate that the average purchase order costs a company $ 60.00 to process

3.  Currently, ABC Company pays more than sixty invoices each month for print costs

4.   Transfer responsibility of Service, Maintenance and Supply fulfillment to ONE COMPANY & ONE BILL

To learn more about this overlooked cost and how MPS consultants should demonstrate the how their solutions saves companies in other ways, check the article link below by Standard Register. 


Fragmented Document Practices Add Cost, Undermine Productivity and Increase Risk – from Standard Register

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MPS: Just one piece of the puzzle

Managed Print Services is just one piece of the services puzzle that companies are looking for when it comes to not only printer and copier technology, but all technology in their environments. 

Here is what HP is offering:  HP Multivendor Support Services

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MPS: Choosing the right MPS provider

How to choose the right MPS provider

To C-Level Executives:

MPS providers are popping everywhere and the MPS market is made up with old copier vendors, printer manufacturers, and IT outsourcing vendors.  But how do you know which one is the right one for your company?  The most important criteria to consider when you are selecting a MPS provider are as follows (in no particular order):

Does the MPS provider do an existing assessment of your printing environment?

  A MPS provider cannot MANAGE your document output fleet if it does not MEASURE it first and they do this thru an assessment.  If you are bidding out your fleet, make sure each potential provider does their own assessment, don’t share assessments.

Do the MPS provider’s core competencies match your company’s strategic goals?

  Make sure they fit your needs and not the other way around.  Make sure the MPS provider offers a wide array of services.

Can the MPS provider meet your ever changing needs?

  Some MPS providers are good at supporting your equipment, but have limited experience in workflow solutions and document solutions.  Make sure the MPS providers an array of solutions and can actually delivery them.

References, References, References………..

  Ask for references for companies they support in your industry, as well as for each service they provider like workflow and document solutions.  Ask them how many pages and devices they manage monthly.

What is the service footprint and are they vendor neutral?

  The MPS provider must be able to support all of your locations and footprint.  Also, it is a key that the MPS provider can work on your whole fleet.  If they can’t, does the MPS provider offer support and manage devices from other vendors?  

Is the MPS SLAs and Agreement flexible?

  Technology and hardware is always changing, read the agreements to make sure you have the flexibility to change out equipment without costly fees.  What change management methodologies are used?

During the length of the agreement, does the provider conduct regular meeting with you?

 Communication is a KEY to a good MPS provider and they should meet with monthly or quarterly to make sure all goals and metrics are being met by both you and the provider.


C-Level Executives should use the following criteria when trying to find the right Managed Print Services provider.




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