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MPS: Strategy Meeting (Agreement Meeting)

After finishing the 2nd analysis, the next step of the MPS process is complying all the data and information and presenting it to the client to gain agreement.  The goal of this meeting is to have the client agree to the findings and pre-strategy.

Steps to make sure this meeting is successful:

1.  Make sure you are meeting with the decision maker and person who can actually sign off on the solution.

2.  Present findings, costs, and make sure every number and finding is validated.   Have the decision maker sign off to validate the findings.  If there is an objection to the findings, review it.  This is a consensus meeting, findings are open to discussion, remember that!

3.  Focus on the pain points and make sure you focus on what the customer defines as value.

4.  Present a snapshot of your strategy to build excitement and to demonstrate you understand what the customer values.

5.  Determine who else needs to buy-in.  (Sometimes all executives need to buy-in in order for the decision maker to sign off)

6.  DON’T schedule the next meeting, which is presenting the final proposal until the customer is ready to make a final decision and move forward.  If they don’t validate the findings or don’t seem interested in making a decision, you are either not talking to the decision maker or you don’t understand what the customer values.  So, don’t schedule the next meeting because you will not get an answer.


August 27, 2010 Posted by | Sales Tips Of The Day | 2 Comments