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MPS: Pre-Strategy before 2nd Analysis

Before you go thru for a second analysis and collect another round of meter reads from copiers, printers, and fax machines, MPS reps should review the information that have collected and start to build a solution.  By starting to build your solution before the second analysis, you can identify gaps that you will need to fill to strengthen your solution, i.e. better interview info from employees or why there is a printer, copier, and fax in the one area.

Here are some questions MPS reps should ask themselves before going for their second analysis:

1.  Evaluate your data and information collected to make sure it has validity.

2.  Identify additional information you will need to validate your solution.

3.  Identify which pain points you think your solution should be built around.

4.  Identify ways you will want to get your customer excited about MPS and market your pre-solution around the pain points you have identified.

5.  Think about how your competitors would respond to your ideas and make sure you think of ways your solution will be unique.


August 25, 2010 - Posted by | Customer Service Tips, Sales Tips Of The Day

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