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Many people ask me how do explain to customers, what MPS consultant is….. 

I always tell customers that a MPS consultant operates much like a General Contractor.  To follow this analogy, a General Contractor assumes the overall responsibility for the building or remodeling of a home or building, yet they will retain the services of different sub-contractors, like a carpenter, an electrician, and a plumber to perform the installation of these particular parts of expertise.  The MPS consultant employs various vendors (sub-contractors), as well as different resources and practices to deliver a MPS solution that meet the customer’s corporate goals and strategies.

When people are building a home or doing a large remodel, the homeowner’s goal is to get the most return on their investment or the most bang for their buck.  The same goes for a company who looking for a MPS solution because companies are looking to cut overhead expenses without harming productivity.  The MPS consultant has the task like the General Contractor of meeting those two goals of boosting productivity without requiring a capital investment and containing costs without harming productivity. 

Remember not all General Contractors are the same, the same goes for MPS consultants!


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