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MPS: Choosing the right MPS provider

How to choose the right MPS provider

To C-Level Executives:

MPS providers are popping everywhere and the MPS market is made up with old copier vendors, printer manufacturers, and IT outsourcing vendors.  But how do you know which one is the right one for your company?  The most important criteria to consider when you are selecting a MPS provider are as follows (in no particular order):

Does the MPS provider do an existing assessment of your printing environment?

  A MPS provider cannot MANAGE your document output fleet if it does not MEASURE it first and they do this thru an assessment.  If you are bidding out your fleet, make sure each potential provider does their own assessment, don’t share assessments.

Do the MPS provider’s core competencies match your company’s strategic goals?

  Make sure they fit your needs and not the other way around.  Make sure the MPS provider offers a wide array of services.

Can the MPS provider meet your ever changing needs?

  Some MPS providers are good at supporting your equipment, but have limited experience in workflow solutions and document solutions.  Make sure the MPS providers an array of solutions and can actually delivery them.

References, References, References………..

  Ask for references for companies they support in your industry, as well as for each service they provider like workflow and document solutions.  Ask them how many pages and devices they manage monthly.

What is the service footprint and are they vendor neutral?

  The MPS provider must be able to support all of your locations and footprint.  Also, it is a key that the MPS provider can work on your whole fleet.  If they can’t, does the MPS provider offer support and manage devices from other vendors?  

Is the MPS SLAs and Agreement flexible?

  Technology and hardware is always changing, read the agreements to make sure you have the flexibility to change out equipment without costly fees.  What change management methodologies are used?

During the length of the agreement, does the provider conduct regular meeting with you?

 Communication is a KEY to a good MPS provider and they should meet with monthly or quarterly to make sure all goals and metrics are being met by both you and the provider.


C-Level Executives should use the following criteria when trying to find the right Managed Print Services provider.





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