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MPS: Go Green Pitch


        I noticed over the last couple weeks that many MPS providers are starting to move away from the cost reductions MPS angle and migrating towards the “Go Green” angle.  Instead of focusing on cost reduction, they present MPS as an environmental value to the customer by focusing on paper, energy and waste reduction along with cost savings.  They are calling it a “green assessment” as opposed to just a document output assessment.  Try modifing your MPS talk track and try to make it “greener”.

Here is an example of a short MPS “green” pitch:

     We provide MPS to help you with paper, energy and waste reduction and to help you gain control of your document output spending by working with your current print assets to optimize workflow, reduce expenses and create a smaller carbon footprint for your business.  Give me 15 minutes of your time and we can calculate your office’s carbon footprint.

Here is the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator:  HP Carbon Footprint Calculator

Keys Words to add to your MPS “green” talk track

  • Carbon footprint size and power consumption
  • Paper consumption
  • Obsolete Equipment
  • ENERGY STAR Equipment

The key phrase MPS providers are using is: Environmental Sustainability, try using it.




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Tip of the Day: Service, Service, Service

     When seeking a MPS provider, companies should always want to work with a service-oriented MPS provider.  There are many different MPS providers in today’s market, some are very equipment specific and some are equipment neutral.  Some providers are all about workflow efficiencies and some all about green efficiencies.  You want a MPS providers who services its customers the best after the implementation. 

     Service is the name of the game for MPS and for any MPS provider to be successful, it is essential that they give every customer so much service that they will look to for everything when it comes to managed services and no one else. 

Some Keys to Great SERVICE:

1.  Quick follow-ups:  Don’t let a problem linger.

2.  Sales Department & Service Department works as one:  When both departments communicate about customers, the customer wins, and that customer will be a customer for life.

3.  Little Things Make a Big Difference:  Monthly follow-ups, surveys, willingness to explain a bill, follow-up call after service has left are “little things” that keep a customer happy.  In MPS, extra data from the DCA about a customer’s environment are the “little things” that make a big difference, especially shared monthly or quarterly with the customer.

4.  Data, Data, Data:  Working off the last bullet, customers especially C-Level Executives love data, milestone reports, productivity reports and much more.  Demonstrate and explain these reports monthly to your customer, this builds a long-lasting relationship with the right people.



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MPS Website Marketing

MPS Marketing           

            Besides reviewing different MPS solutions, one thing I like to do is to see how MPS providers are marketing Managed Print Services on their websites.  So I picked 4 random MPS providers across the USA and checked their websites to see how they market their MPS offerings.

Flex Print Inc.

   This company is a MPS provider located in Arizona with clients nationally.  Their management team has a lot of experience and their website does a great job of illustrating their offerings and customer testimonies.  The one marketing piece that demonstrates this company is all about customer service is their “client advisory board.”

Kraft Business Systems 

   This company is an MPS provider located in Michigan.  I enjoyed their website because they  have other offerings that compliment MPS, like “document and forms managed service,” “voice and data managed services,” and “IT Network Managed Services.”  They seem to truly be a one stop shop for managed services.


 This company is an MPS provider located in San Diego.  They have a very nice website and nice piece of the environmental impact of printing.  Also, they have a great letter of recommendation about their offerings from a customer, which is the best marketing piece when selling a solution or service.


  This company is an MPS provider located in New York.  Their website is very MPS focused with vertical market videos that I enjoyed, as well as a good blog.  The one marketing piece I really liked from Team XSI was their “1-3-8 guarantee” at the top of the page.  

   There are many more MPS providers across the USA; here are 4 that I thought had some nice marketing pieces on their websites that illustrated their offerings.  As an MPS consultant, a great way to keep up on the changing MPS landscape is to look at other MPS providers’ websites.



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MPS: Dealing with Change

This post is for MPS providers, as well as for customers of MPS.  Overcoming change requires patience, perspective, and anticipation; because of this one must respect it instead of fight it.  When implementing a new MPS solution customers will be sensitive to the change.  Here are few tips to having a smooth implementation and making MPS work for your customer and company.

1.  Always dedicate resources aka TIME and MONEY to manage change.  Everyone is going to have a reaction to a MPS solution, so make there are people and resources to coach your customers or employees thru the transition period.  Make sure you have resources in the beginning of implementation and make sure those resources are there after everything settles.

2.  Acknowledge Problems, don’t fight them.  Problems and issues are going to arise, make sure you repsond to them in a timely fashion.

3.  Overcome OLD HABITS.  If you are installing new equipment, you should understand how users used older equipment and train them by comparing old verbage of the old equipment to new verbage of the new equipment. 

4.  Changes takes time.  Implement over a longer time period.  Train for a month not just a day or a week.  Have follow-up training.

5.  Interaction is a key to change.  This speaks to old habits, speak the language of your customer or your company, make sure you use the right verbage that people understand.  If you demonstrate that you are committed in learning about each individual customer, your efforts will payoff. 

6.  Be Clear about milestones and expectations.  Open and honest expectations will go a long way and make people trust you and embrace your new ideas.

7.  Keep a Knowledge Base of Problems and Solutions:  Keep a knowledge base of issues and solutions.  It is about repetition and consistency, so if you use the same solutions on the same problems you are reinforcing the new ideas and people will start to understand it.

MPS solutions are be very beneficial, but if you cannot have your customers or employees embrace change, your solution will never truly work.



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MPS Charter

       First, sorry for no posts lately, I was on Easter Break with the family.  Anyways, as I was catching up with my e-mails over the weekend, I read some e-mails from MPS consultants and C-level executives all stating that they all started assessment either for customers or for their own businesses and nothing transpired.  MPS consultants and C-level executives need to understand that Managed Print Services is a project and no project cannot be started without a charter.

  An MPS assessment CANNOT be started without a charter.

The charter is:

1.  Formally recognized the existence of the MPS assessment and the agreement between the customer and MPS provider.

2.  Gives the MPS provider the authority to do walk-thru and collect financials from the customer and committed resources.

3.  Provides the expectations of the customer and the MPS provider.

4.  Links the MPS project to the customer’s ongoing vision and mission.

5.  Demonstrates the sponsors of the MPS assessment and their level authority.

If there is no charter before the start of an MPS assessment, it will be very hard at the end to sell the solution to the client, as well as for the client to understand how MPS will be beneficial to his or her company.



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