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Probing Questions For Sales Reps!!!!

Here is a list of MPS questions for sales reps to ask potential customers.  These are not in any particular order, so make you your own list because not all these questions will apply to all customers.  All customers are different, so your probing questions should be different for each customer.

1.  What expectations do you have of me as a consultant?

2.  Do you have any current document management initiatives?

3.  Electronic Records/ Scanning iniatives?

4.  What kinds of documents are you currently producing?  How?  What would you like to produce that your not?

5.  Who manages your printers today? Services them? Orders Supplies?

6.  Do you currently receive any reporting on performance, uptime, volume etc?

7.  Do you carry supply inventories for your document output fleet?

8.  How many printers do you have? Copiers? MFD’s? Faxes?

9.  How many prints do you produce? Copies?

10. Do you have printers, faxes, copiers (digital or analog) in the same workgroups?

 11.  In MFD environments, what is the percentage of print migration?

12.  Do you have equipment leases? When do they expire?

13.  Do you have a help desk that deals with printer or copier related issues?

 14.  What percentage of calls is related to the printers/ copiers?

 15.  If you could add anything to your current document capabilities what kinds of things would they be?  (not limited to machines) IE: scan to email,

 16.  Is IT involved in managing printer related issues? Do you have service contracts?

 17.  Who are your current Copier, MFD, Printer, Print Center vendors?

 18.  Why are they your vendors?

 19.  On a scale of 1 –10 how would you rate your current vendors?

 Why did you give them that rating?

20.  Any initiatives coming up to add or replace any of your current machines?

21.  What is you procurement process?

22.  Who are the decision-makers?  What is the best way to get a hold of them?

23.  Who is the IT Director?  What is the best way to get a hold of them?




February 15, 2010 - Posted by | Sales Tips Of The Day

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